Flights Take Flight FAQ

Leave a lasting impression on customers and trade, whether it be a tasting room takeaway or for use as commercial samples.

FlyWine’s “Flights take Flight” program is a unique winery service that includes not only bottling of your wine into 100mL Travelers, but a robust marketing center where we market your brand at no extra cost or commission. When you work with us to bottle Travelers, the FlyWine marketplace enables you to reach new wine savvy customers, not only interested in Travelers, but interested in premium wine brands.

Travelers are ideal as gifts, merchandising, trade show takeaways and for use as commercial samples for distributors and in your tasting room in the off-season. FlyWine Travelers allow customers to take wine with them anywhere they go. The TSA friendly bottle is an extension of their experience with you. Remind your guest of their wonderful experience at the winery. Why should they have to wait for the wine shipment to arrive when they can bring some of their favorite selection with them, without the pressure to check their luggage.

Check out our Traveler Network to see the premium brands we are working with:

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