Volume2: The Patriot Series and PeaceBuilders

We are excited to release our 2nd volume of FlyWine teaming with Garrett Ahnfeldt and Roots of Peace: Become a Peacebuilder Today!

What makes this DeMassive?

Volume 1 was All About Me. Volume 2 is a Gift Back to You!

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The people have spoken!

With this new volume come several enhancements to the FlyWine portfolio. Ongoing, the annual “Volume” release will have unique as well as static “Editions”: a Napa Cabernet, a White Wine du jour, and a “Wild Card” that I work on specially with the collaborating Vintner that can be anything our hearts desire!  All of the wines will be included in the fundraising for a single charity!

Travelers will now be branded with the tasteful logo, to indicate the quality and sophistication one would expect from FlyWine. The intent is to reduce confusion between FlyWine Editions and the On the Fly Custom and TravelerNetwork releases. Ongoing, tasteful is available in retail shops, restaurants and hotels on wine lists and in wholesale portfolios.  Relax, Unwind, and may there always be something tasteful in your glass!



Three Volume 2

Edition 1: 2012 “The WingMan” Napa Valley Red Blend :  57% Merlot, 34% Cabernet Sauvignon, 4% Petite Sirah, and 1% Cabernet Franc. Upfront fruit, supple tannin, weekday drinking and a perfect picnicking pair and stocking stuffer.  Pair with Seattle Chocolate’s Thanks-olate Truffle bar, Toffee and Gratitude… Mmm Mmm.

Edition 2: 2014 “The LayOver” Russian River Chardonnay :  100% Chardonnay, apples and spice driven from lees integration. Add Movie Theater popcorn and Relax.  Pair with Seattle Chocolate’s Birthday Cake Batter Truffle bar,
add Confetti and Voila!

Edition 3: 2013 “The Closer” Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon : The guts of what Travelers are about, 100% Cabernet from this new(ish) Sub-AVA in Napa (where I live), the wine has everything you want from a solid Napa Cab to pair with the hangar steak or hamburger room service is delivering, or with those stuffed mushrooms at the party where the wine is …well… “meh”. This ones to You!  Pair with Seattle Chocolate’s S’Mores Truffle bar for the ultimate camping treat.


Vintner CoHort: GarrettAhnfeldt

Garrett Ahnfeldt was raised among the vines of Napa Valley. At the tender age of seven he was driving tractors and developing a love for farming. His family moved to Napa Valley in 1985 where his parents started out by selling their world class wine grapes to prestigious Napa wineries for years before creating their own.  Garrett’s passion for farming and growing award winning grapes returned with a vengeance, and he was soon farming for his family and several of his father’s friends. He started a vineyard management company which led to the management of over 350 acres, including both wineries and private growers.

“G”currently makes wine at G Wine Cellars in Napa, make an appointment to visit him at the Wine Thief, the one of a kind Collaborative Tasting Room by Oxbow.

Charity: Roots of Peace

Roots of Peace helps some of the world’s most vulnerable local economies recover after conflict. We support individuals and communities to revitalize business and livelihoods by transforming minefields into thriving farmland. Their comprehensive approach of restoring minefields into productive farmland is bringing communities all over the world back to economic self-sufficiency. Through partnerships with demining agencies, the programs have facilitated the removal of Roots of Peace logolandmines and UXOs in numerous countries, paving the way for post-conflict recovery. Roots of Peace has impacted over 1 million farmers and their families by improving their orchards and crops, and have enabled them to sell to new markets. The programs have facilitated the export of over 14,500 metric tons of fresh and dried fruit and nuts worth over $18 million to international markets.  Become a Peacebuilder TODAY – contact stephanie@fly-wine.com as FlyWine joins forces to launch the Second Chapter of Peacebuilders in Napa on Veterans Day 2015.

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