Traveler Credits

What is a Traveler Credit?

Traveler Credits are reward points earned for purchasing FlyWine, joining the “Travel Like You Mean It“, and sharing FlyWine with your contacts who, in turn, also purchase from our site. Points can be accumulated and applied to future orders upon check out, and applied according to the FlyWine edition specific Traveler Credit Value or you can donate them to a “In Good Taste” 501(c) Charity.

How do I share FlyWine with my contacts?

By sharing your Flyers affiliate link. You can find your link on your My FlyWine page when you’re logged in. You can put the link in an email or post it to your social media accounts, just share it like you would any other link.

How do I know when I’ve earned Traveler Credits?

On your My FlyWine page, you’re able to see how many sales have been credited to your link.

How do I know how many Traveler Credits I have earned?

On your My FlyWine page, you’re able to see how many Traveler Credits you have.

What is the redemption value of each Traveler Credit?

Traveler Credits have different redemption values based on how you choose to redeem them.

When using Traveler Credits to purchase FlyWine Travelers, their value is equivalent to $10.

If you are a member of Travel like You Mean It, you can accumulate credits more quickly and bank them to cash in for a rebate at the rate of 25 Credits per $100.

If you have a charitable heart, you can also donate your Traveler Credits to participating nonprofits at the rate of $4 per Traveler Credit.


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