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Volume 2: 3rd Edition The Closer – SOLD OUT!


2013 “The Closer” Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon

Coombsville is one of the newest of 16 Napa AVAs. Located in SouthEast Napa County, Coombsville is also where Garrett grew up and where I currently live – so we decided to focus on a wine that defined “home”.  Local wineries include Arrow & Branch, Palmaz, Meteor and Caldwell… not too shabby!

Garrett and I built this wine last of the three editions; it was also for many reasons the most obvious in its finish due to our familiarity with the AVA. The fruit we selected, from a fantastic vintage, had great sun exposure and flavor development. The mouthfeel is round and the tannin is fine and supple – everything you would expect from benchmark Napa Cabernet.  Great fruit makes great wine (as long as you don’t do anything stupid along the way) and we let the organic “terroir” showoff.

The Closer rightly named because sometimes all you need to do is Nail It at the right time in the right way. Not too showy or pretentious, but definitely unapologetic for asking what we want. If there was any doubt that Single Serving wine can be tasteful, The Closer will end the debate.


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