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SOLD OUT Volume 2: 2nd Edition The LayOver


2014 “The LayOver” Russian River Chardonnay

Lean, mean, lees machine: The LayOver will get you through those unwanted delays in life. Delivering bright apple and pear flavors perfectly enriched by lees integration, this is virgin Chardonnay territory. The Russian River Valley is famed for producing grapes that express balance and elegance typical of “Old World” wines as well as powerful flavors and up-front fruit expected in “New World” wines.

Toasty – not buttery.  Classic – not slutty.  The LayOver is a Chardonnay for those who sip alone (no judgement!) or pair with a meal. I (almost) fought kicking and screaming that tasteful Chardonnay couldn’t happen for a Traveler. Garrett put me on Stand By with this delicious varietal-correct Cote de Beaune CopyCat.




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