FlyWine Auction Lot “The Achate” Soars at Napa Premiere

FlyWine Lot #06 Soars High at PNV

In a moment of bravery, FlyWine elected to participate in one of the most Highly Esteemed Wine Trade Auctions of the year, Premiere Napa Valley (#PNV15).

Entering a Lot this early in a winery’s business life is unheard of, the brand has just begun – who would invest in Single Serving Wine??

Half of the attendees (including Vintners, Media, and Wine Trade) looked on with sheer joy and amazement when FlyWine’s “The Achate” lot sold for $32,000, proving that in just six short months we really ARE changing the mindset of Serious Wine Buyers and other Vintners – the most challenging goal for me to attain when I started this venture. We are proving Daily that when you see “Traveler” on a bottle, you can rest assured the Wine has been crafted by a reputable winemaker with quality intended.

Whether Creating Wine or Creating this New Category Available for Wine, this Journey is humbling and exciting. Order some to fill your Quart Sized Baggy “Travel Pack” to join you on your next adventure :)

More About “The Achate” :
Stephanie DeMasi feels fortunate …to contribute to PNV with FlyWine. FlyWine is the by product of DeMasi’s long expressed dream to produce Quality Wine in a single-serving package…FlyWine is all about Giving Back, and Premiere is simply an extension of this ideology.
Bryan Page …and DeMasi are notoriously known around town as the “Hottest NonCouple Ever”…the pair balances each others sensibilities, proclivities, and talents while somehow having more fun than most find humanly possible. We would love and HOPE that you will opt to have your wine bottled into Single Serving 100mL Travelers. Be Well Travel Better.”


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