The FlyWine Story

tasteful. Better Wine by the Glass.

Twelve years ago, I left my life as a management consultant in New York City and moved to the Napa Valley. I had one suitcase, 3 interviews scheduled, and a huge amount of ambition. It was a radical decision, to leave everything that, up until that point, had defined me as a person. Instead of wearing heels and hailing cabs through city streets, I was wearing cutoffs and driving a Dodge Ram through endless acres of vineyards.

I first came across Single Serving 100mL wine bottles while working at Juslyn Vineyards. Intrigued by the charming package and portability of these single serve bottles, I marketed the bottles as “Travelers” at public and trade tastings. Customers went crazy over the little bottles, and eagerly stood in line to purchase them. The fact that Travelers could go through TSA security made them even more desirable.

I couldn’t get enough of Travelers either. I took them with me everywhere: on flights across the country, to the movie theater, and I often gave them to friends and family members as gifts. The response was the same each time: “Wow, these are amazing. How can I get some?” I was discouraged that I didn’t have an answer for them. It was clear to me that there high demand for a Premium Wine in a Single Serving package. So I approached the folks who run the custom bottling line, and tasteful, by FlyWine, was born.

The Napa lifestyle is my lifestyle. My friends and I engage as family should. We share long meals several times a month. We cook together, drink together, and share stories and much laughter. It is wine that has brought us together. A lot of very good wine.

And now it is wine that brings us together—you and me and the tasteful family. I created FlyWine to be an extension of my table, and my sincere passion for the vine. Travelers are made with lifestyle in mind— to adapt to your ever-changing life, schedule, location, and mood.

The FlyWine Promise

With roots in the Napa Valley, FlyWine is lucky to count many local winemakers as friends. For each release of tasteful, by FlyWine, I collaborate with another Vintner to produce one of a kind, world class wine to share with you. With each Volume, we will share our adventure in making the exclusive wine for FlyWine, so you can learn direct from the source what makes the wine special. We will also choose a charity, to which a portion of the proceeds will be donated. In this way, FlyWine is dedicated to investing in winemakers’ visions, quality fruit, and inspiring charities.

Be DeMassive,


Stephanie DeMasi
Vintner/Founder of FlyWine
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